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Dorothy Corbeil of Golden Lake was a doer. As a Registered Nurse, she knew that the only way to get things done properly was to roll up your sleeves and do them yourself. Local healthcare was her passion and she wanted to ensure that residents had access to quality services and equipment.

“She was on a mission to improve healthcare in the region and her way was to become directly involved on boards and committees and such,” her son Andre Corbeil said.

Dorothy battled lymphoma and spent her final days at Madawaska Valley Hospice, where she was cared for by the exceptional staff and volunteers. She died December 6, 2023, “after a fulfilling and happy life” her obituary (which she wrote) read.

“We - my brother and I - didn't choose the Foundation for donations, my mother herself did,” Andre said, touching on the fact that Dorothy thought of every last detail. “I can certainly speak to how important the hospital and hospice were to me at the end of her life and that my mother knew how important they would be when and if she should need them.”

It was important to Dorothy to leave a lasting legacy on local healthcare. She asked that In Memoriam donations be directed to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation in her name for the greatest need at either the hospital, Valley Manor or hospice.

“She wanted the Foundation to be the designated donation recipient because she was so proud of all you do for the community,” Andre explained. “Not just the hospital, but healthcare workers overall.”

Asking for In Memoriam donations to go to the greatest need ensures our partners at the hospital, Valley Manor and hospice have the tools they need to offer exceptional healthcare close to home.

It’s as simple as asking that “in lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation.”

Dorothy Corbeil
Dorothy Corbeil