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2019-2020 ANNUAL REPORT                                           

It is a pleasure to give the annual report for the St Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation as we celebrate another very successful year.  Our success is wholly dependent on the support and commitment of everyone involved in our healthcare community – our donors, volunteers, partners, community and our Foundation team.  The Foundation’s vision is to inspire people to invest in the future of our local healthcare organizations.  We are inspired every day by the generosity and passion of our collective healthcare community and grateful for their ongoing support.  Together we are making a difference, providing the necessary equipment and tools needed by our excellent healthcare workers at St Francis Memorial Hospital, Valley Manor and Madawaska Valley Hospice and Palliative Care.  This year, the Foundation provided $234,779 to our healthcare partners. 

Our work is focussed around three strategies designed to move us towards achieving the Foundation’s vision.  In the area of Growing Donor Support:

Our donors are extremely loyal.  A strong donor retention rate indicates a healthy organization that is operating appropriately, allocating enough resources to fundraising and has the support of people who believe in the cause.  For several years, the average retention rate for non-profits has been staying around 45%.  In comparison, the Foundation's donor retention rate is above industry standards at 61%.    

  • The number of lapsed donors that we have reactivated has increased resulting in a $30.0K increase in revenues.
  • Our Monthly Giving Club continues to provide steady, dependable income which helps us to plan more effectively for the future.  While we have lost some members, we have welcomed new members, allowing us to maintain our numbers overall.

  • We exceeded our Redevelopment Campaign fundraising goal for Valley Manor, realizing $620.0K net.  Included in this amount is revenue from the Catch the Ace lottery which to date has raised $145.0K net.  The lottery was put on hold midway through the third round due to Covid 19.  The total amount for the Valley Manor campaign does not include upcoming pledges or the final Catch the Ace lottery revenue. 
  • The total revenue raised this year was just over One Million dollars! 

The second strategy is to Maintain and Develop a High Performing Team:

  • In December, our Executive Director, Toni Lavigne Conway retired after 15 years of leading the Foundation work.  We were extremely grateful for her leadership and passion which resulted in raising over 8 million dollars for our healthcare community and creating a legacy of philanthropy in our communities.
  • In January, we were very happy to welcome our new ED, Erin Gienow and Christine Hudder replaced Erin in her former role of Donor Relations Coordinator. We are confident that Erin and her team will be as equally successful.
  • Our Board welcomed two new Directors, Victoria Cybulski Blank (a retired teacher in Ottawa) and Lynn Beauchamp (current Manager of the Northern Credit Union).   
  • The Foundation is very grateful for our over 80 volunteers who worked with us this year. These passionate, committed individuals are the smiling faces that greet hospital visitors at the Bean, help to organize events such as our golf tournament and Butterfly release, assist with running our popular Catch the Ace Lottery or prepare mail out packages for our Tree of Lights program.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And our third strategy, Maintain positive reputation and continue to raise profile of the Organization:

Our donors and healthcare partners are a central part of our mission.  They need us as much as we need them.  Staying in touch in meaningful ways is key.

  • Donor appreciation events to show donors the impact of their generosity were held for hospital equipment purchases.
  • Donor appreciation calls, to simply touch base with our donors and thank them for their gift are regularly made.  A one day “Thank a Thon” on Giving Tuesday reached over 200 of our donors. 
  • Work has begun on renewing the Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the fundraising relationship between the Foundation and our three healthcare partners.  The goal is to have a new MOU in place by December 2020.

And the Impact of our collective work….  Please see below!

Moving Forward in 2020-21

It is an honour to work with such kind and generous people in support of our incredible healthcare partners – the Hospital, Valley Manor and MV Hospice.  Thank you for your ongoing support and inspiration.  With Covid 19, this coming year will be the “year of unknowns”.  Staff and their teams are looking at new, innovative approaches to ensure the safety of participants and staff for all events.   We will continue to stay connected with our donors.  We are determined to keep our commitments to our healthcare partners.   Thank you!

Karen Tierney                                                                                                   Erin Gienow
Proud Donor, Board Chair                                                                                Proud Donor, Executive Director