Leaving a Gift in Your Will

How can an ordinary person be part of ensuring an extraordinary gift by making a donation in their will?  It's simple! Creating a gift in your Will for local healthcare is the simplest way to create a legacy of everlasting care. Legacy gifts provide vital, stable support for the work of our healthcare teams and whether your estate is large or small, you can make a difference for so many patients and families in our communities, and provide quality care for years to come.  

Even a gift in your Will of 1% of your estate can make a difference.
In some ways, leaving a gift in your Will might also allow you to leave a larger gift than might have been possible during your lifetime.
You can leave a gift in your Will just the same as you would for a person. It can consist of:
- a personal assest (such as property or valuables like artwork, jewlery etc.)
- a specific amount of money
- a percentage or portion of your estate
- the money that remains after all of your wishes have been carried out to care for your family

Our community healthcare legacy has been built with the help of gifts made years ago by forward thinking individuals who included SFVH in their estate plans.  You can part of this legacy team by considering making a gift in your Will for the future.

We would be very pleased to know if you have named the SFVH Foundation in your estate plans so that we can express our personal gratitude and ensure you receive the recognition you deserve.  We will hold the information in confidence should you wish to keep the gift confidential.

How to leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a future gift to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is easy!
1. Tell your family that you would like to make a gift to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation in support of local healthcare.
2. Instruct your family or lawyer to help you revise your Will to include a written statement like the one below:

Sample Statement to add to your Will
"I direct my trustee(s) to pay the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation, Barry's Bay, ON the sum of $___ (or ___% of my estate or the gift of ___) to be applied as determined by the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation's Board of Directors."

Legal Name: St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation 
Charitable Number: 89453 4817 RR0001
Address: 7 St. Francis Memorial Dr., PO Box 129 Barry's Bay, ON K0J 1B0
Contact Us: Erin Gienow; Executive Director - erin@sfvhfoundation.com - 613-756-3044       ext. 333