Valley Manor Building Fund

One thing is life in certain…every 24 hours we will all be one day older than we are today.

There is no treatment or medicine for aging and nothing can “fix” this. It cannot be avoided or controlled, no matter who we are or what we may have.

Perhaps the only thing we can control is what quality of life we want to have as we age.

Since opening its doors in 1978, the Valley Manor has provided compassionate care and quality of life to 90 residents, giving them a home away from home and helping to support family members who are no longer able to care for their love ones.

Having a long term care facility like the Manor in our backyards is crucial so that we can continue to serve our large senior population, and keep them in them in their home town where they are familiar and family can continue to be a big part of their lives.

We are all excited about the current plans to redevelop the Valley Manor at a new and more accessible location right beside the St Francis Memorial Hospital and Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care Program .

Contact the Valley Manor (613-756-2643) for more information or call us at the Foundation about our upcoming plans to support this very important project.