Tree of Lights Campaign

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Give the Gift of a LIFE LINE this Christmas and help buy 15 new IV PUMPS for St Francis Memorial Hospital!

When you give to the Tree of Lights Campaign this year you will not only have the opportunity to honour or remember someone special with a bulb to help light the Tree, you will also make a difference for patients who depend on IV Pumps for so many things.

Did you know?

  • IV Pumps are used every day for patient care in the Hospital, delivering medications like insulin, antibiotics, and pain relievers as well as critical fluids & treatments for cardiac episodes, traumas and blood transfusions.  They truly are life lines!
  • IV Pumps are one of the most critical pieces of equipment physicians depend on when it comes to care - they cannot look after us effectively without them!        

What impact will new IV Pumps make for patient care?

  • New IV Pumps will be SMART!  They come with state of the art technology like a pharmacy library and drug error reduction software ensuring patients get care individualized to their specific needs
  • IV Pumps with new technology provide for greater patient safety and improved efficiencies at the bed side
  • The Hospital needs 15 new IV Pumps to help serve the growing number of patients and meet their complex healthcare needs.

This holiday season, we will all depend on the Hospital to be there for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready and equipped with critical equipment like IV Pumps to ensure we get the care we need.  Your thoughtful gift will ensure that the Hospital can do just that!

Thank you for the difference your donation will make to local healthcare!

Great Gift Idea!

You can make your donation in appreciation or honour of someone as a gift this Christmas!  Special people like...your neighbour(s), care staff, your doctor, grandparents, teachers...

We will supply you with a special letter that you can present to them as your gift!

If you would like further information about this Campaign or assistance making your donation, please contact us at 613-756-3045 ext 217 or drop by our office just inside the front doors of the Hospital.  We'd love to hear from you!

*Remember - our Campaign is open until the end of December!