Tree of Lights Campaign

I give to Tree of Lights because...
"Over the years, I have made many trips to the hospital with my own children. They are grown up and now as a grandparent it is important to know that the hospital is there for me when my precious grandchildren come to visit."
Thank you Rose Anne Hudder!We give to Tree of Lights because...
"It is important to help such a great hospital in a great community!"
Thank you Jim & Effie SurphlisI give to Tree of Lights because...
"My late husband Winston loved to donate regularly to the hospital. I am here today to honour his longstanding tradition of giving."
Thank you Mona Wills!We give to the Tree of Lights because...
"The hospital played a big part in helping us make our decision to move to the area therefore it is important that we continue to support it. This particular campaign is near and dear to our hearts because it also allows us to remember our loved ones at a very special time of the year. We are so THANKFUL for this hospital!"
Eleanor Stanutz & Hannah Poland (SFMH Auxiliary Volunteers)I give to Tree of Lights because...
"I can honour my friend and give to the Hospital at the same time." Thank you Marianne Keyko!

Donate Now

As the Christmas season approaches, so does what has become an annual tradition in the Madawaska Valley, the Tree of Lights Campaign and Celebration.

This Campaign is always a very meaningful because it gives us the opportunity to honour someone special or remember a loved one by purchasing a bulb in their name, and at the same time, give the precious gift of health.

Your support this year will make an impact on the precious lives of many patients who depend on the St Francis Memorial Hospital to be there for them or their loved ones when it comes to heart health.

Whether you are a year round or seasonal resident, there are few of us that have not been touched by the St Francis Memorial Hospital in some way. Having 24 hour access to Emergency and Medical services eliminates the one hour plus drive to the next hospital, which can be stressful and literally life threatening, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Precious patient lives have been saved at St Francis, and keeping it well equipped helps us to continue to save many more.

Did you know that in Renfrew County the number of interventions as a result of heart disease is almost 20% higher than the provincial average? Furthermore, it is also quite alarming that heart disease and stroke are one of the leading causes of death for Canadian Women!

Check out the video below to learn about how the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at St. Francis Memorial Hospital supports cardiac patients.