St. Francis Valley Health Care Foundation - Donate you for considering a gift to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation to support the delivery of high quality healthcare in our community. With the support of individuals and organizations throughout our large catchment area, we have developed a variety of ways you can give including: (see below) ​For further information...]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2020 1:47:39 -0700en-us<![CDATA[Valley Manor Building Fund]]>, 20 Jul 2020 7:58:50 -0700One thing is life in certain…every 24 hours we will all be one day older than we are today.

There is no treatment or medicine for aging and nothing can “fix” this. It cannot be avoided or controlled, no matter who we are or what we may have.

Perhaps the only thing we can control is what quality of life we want to have as we age.

Since opening its doors in 1978, the Valley Manor has provided compassionate care and quality of life to 90 residents, giving them a home away from home and helping to support family members who are no longer able to care for their love ones.

Having a long term care facility like the Manor in our backyards is crucial so that we can continue to serve our large senior population, and keep them in them in their home town where they are familiar and family can continue to be a big part of their lives.

We are all excited about the current plans to redevelop the Valley Manor at a new and more accessible location right beside the St Francis Memorial Hospital and Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care Program .

Contact the Valley Manor (613-756-2643) for more information or call us at the Foundation about our upcoming plans to support this very important project.

Singing for Valley Manor

Have you got your copy yet?  This amazing CD featuring Sister Rosenda and the Kelly family is a wonderful collection of music and special tribute to Sister Rosenda.

On sale now for $20 each.  Pick up your copy today at the Valley Manor, Pharmasave or Hospital Gift Shop.

<![CDATA[Monthly Giving Club]]>, 19 Jun 2020 7:06:36 -0700Join the Club! The St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is currently running a membership drive for our St. Francis Circle Monthly Giving Club.  

Consider joining the club at $15/month and help us purchase equipment for our hospital!  For more information about becoming a Club Member, please contact us at: 613-756-3044 ext 217

Click here to become a member of the St Francis Circle Monthly Giving Club!

<![CDATA[Leaving a Gift in Your Will]]>, 10 Mar 2020 12:58:01 -0700
How can an ordinary person be part of ensuring an extraordinary gift by making a donation in their will?  It's simple! Creating a gift in your Will for local healthcare is the simplest way to create a legacy of everlasting care. Legacy gifts provide vital, stable support for the work of our healthcare teams and whether your estate is large or small, you can make a difference for so many patients and families in our communities, and provide quality care for years to come.  

Even a gift in your Will of 1% of your estate can make a difference.
In some ways, leaving a gift in your Will might also allow you to leave a larger gift than might have been possible during your lifetime.
You can leave a gift in your Will just the same as you would for a person. It can consist of:
- a personal assest (such as property or valuables like artwork, jewlery etc.)
- a specific amount of money
- a percentage or portion of your estate
- the money that remains after all of your wishes have been carried out to care for your family

Our community healthcare legacy has been built with the help of gifts made years ago by forward thinking individuals who included SFVH in their estate plans.  You can part of this legacy team by considering making a gift in your Will for the future.  

We would be very pleased to know if you have named the SFVH Foundation in your estate plans so that we can express our personal gratitude and ensure you receive the recognition you deserve.  We will hold the information in confidence should you wish to keep the gift confidential.

How to leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a future gift to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is easy!
1. Tell your family that you would like to make a gift to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation in support of local healthcare.
2. Instruct your family or lawyer to help you revise your Will to include a written statement like the one below:

Sample Statement to add to your Will
"I direct my trustee(s) to pay the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation, Barry's Bay, ON the sum of $___ (or ___% of my estate or the gift of ___) to be applied as determined by the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation's Board of Directors."

Legal Name: St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation 
Charitable Number: 89453 4817 RR0001
Address: 7 St. Francis Memorial Dr., PO Box 129 Barry's Bay, ON K0J 1B0
Contact Us: Erin Gienow; Executive Director - - 613-756-3044       ext. 333        
<![CDATA[In Memory Mural]]>, 13 Feb 2020 1:27:11 -0700

This beautiful mural is a depiction of the view of a landscape typical of what you might see in our local area from the eye of the artist, Donnie Burchat of Wilno. The elements on the mural are made from the many different types of wood native to this area.

Elements like leaves, ducks, stones etc. are engraved as a way of honouring or remembering someone special.   The Foundation allows for In Memoriam donations to be used by family members towards the purchase of an element in appreciation for their support of the Hospital by directing In Memoriam gifts to the hospital.

For more information on any of our programs, please contact the Foundation office at: 613-756-3045 ext 217.

<![CDATA[Guardian Angels ]]>, 08 Mar 2019 9:08:32 -0700

More often than not, you have experienced one of our volunteers, caregivers, or staff go the extra mile to ensure either you or a loved one has just what you need.

Perhaps the receptionist has gone out of their way to help you with a phone call, the administration office assisted you to get the information you need quickly, a volunteer helped you at the door and gave you that smile you needed, or the great care staff at our healthcare organizations provided you or a family member with extra special care when you needed it most. 

We are so very proud of everyone who makes up our community's wonderful healthcare team! 

The Guardian Angel program allows you the opportunity to show your appreciation for exceptional and compassionate care in a meaningful way that helps us change and save lives by ensuring our caregivers have the equipment and facilities they need to provide you with the best possible care. 

And... Your Guardian Angel will be presented with our unique Angel pin to wear with pride. 

Your kind gift, of any size, will be used for the most urgent community needs at our healthcare sites (St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Valley Manor and MV Hospice Palliative Care. 

Nominate your Guardian Angel today by contacting the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. 

We'll ensure they know just how much they are noticed and appreciated! 

"I am honoured to have been nominated as a Guardian Angel for the work I do at St. Francis Memorial Hospital as part of the care team. How gratifying to know that the work we put forth to ensure the best for our patients is appreciated. Thank you for this recognition!" - Anita Phanenhour, Digital Imaging 

Thank you for helping keep local health care strong in our community by honouring your Guardian Angel!

 Donate Now

Meet Some of Our Guardian Angels!

<![CDATA[Donate]]>, 30 Jan 2018 12:31:49 -0700Thank you for considering a gift to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation to support the delivery of high quality healthcare in our community.

With the support of individuals and organizations throughout our large catchment area, we have developed a variety of ways you can give including: (see below)

For further information about any of our programs, please contact SFVH Foundation at 613-756-3045 ex 333.

<![CDATA[Memorial Giving]]>, 23 Nov 2017 6:28:06 -0700

Making an In Memoriam or Tribute donation to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is a meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one, friend or neighbour while giving the gift of health.

Acknowledgement of your gift is sent to the family by way of a memorial card.

You may also want to support this program by letting the funeral home know that you would wish to direct all memoriam donations to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation.

This helps your friends and family know of your wish to support the needs of St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Madawaska Valley Hospice, & Valley Manor.

Gifts can be made at the funeral home or directly through the Foundation office as well as online. Please call the Foundation office for more information (613-756-3044 ext. 217). 

<![CDATA[Special Occasion Gifts ]]>, 26 Oct 2017 8:07:07 -0700

<![CDATA[Area of Greatest Need ]]>, 26 Oct 2017 6:52:13 -0700When you give a donation to the St Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation you are making an impact on local healthcare in our community, helping provide care givers from the St Francis Memorial Hospital, the Valley Manor and Madawaska Valley Hospital Palliative Care with the tools they need to look after precious patients and their families.

Over the next few years, critical priorities will include the redevelopment of Valley Manor for 90 long term care residents as well as the enhancement of the Hospital’s Emergency Department

Thank you for choosing us as a charity worthy of your support! We could not hope to do the work we do without you as our partner.

Every kind gift, no matter the size, is important to us and makes an impact on continuing to have local healthcare in our community, close to home, where we need it most.

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